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Contractor Administrator

  • Coordinate w/ customers and where applicable, property management, to complete work.
  • Permit verification via email and photos, approved by CMT and provide information to Construction to assist with Permit jobs.
  • Verification of proper distance for invoicing on completed underground.
  • Inspect MDU repairs completed by contractors.
  • Manages all damage claims and customer escalations associated with Contractor work.
  • First POC on Damage claims resulting from contractor work to assess complaint, take pictures and complete investigation form.
  • Details, contacts customers, schedules appointment, visit the home to assess damage/complaint, follows through until resolution.
  • Review damage claim reports and account for aging claims (11 + days) on a daily basis.
  • Coordinate with the Contractor to get complete repairs and resolve issues.
  • Verify customer satisfaction upon resolution of complaint.
  • Provide updates to Damage Claim Team on the status of open claims.
  • Complete/send ROL and investigation form claim is ready to be closedVerify Spectrum CPE\\\\Materials are properly secured.
  • Verify vehicles have Spectrum approved magnets.
  • Conduct inventory checks on materials to insure proper inventory levels.
  • Verify new hire badges to match tech assigned.
  • Verify proper background checks on contractors, W2/1099 compliance.
  • Ensure on-site compliance with E-Waste requirements.
  • Review performance metrics and failed QC’s with Contractor’s management team.
  • Verify uniforms/vehicles, test equipment comply with Spectrum requirements as defined in the SOW
  • Follow up on customer escalations.
  • Work w/ companies to resolve missing CPE.
  • Coordinate w/ Security on investigations, provide information and schedule meetings to interview contractor techs when required.
  • On-board new service partner employees (monitors, Administrators, supervisors, techs).
  • Inspect vehicles, applicant, background, profiles etc. Store relevant documents saved in share drive
  • Create ticket for authorized personnel to have access to Self-Billing, VPN, firewall tickets, contractor dashboards and other system tools necessary for companies to track and manage performance.
  • Verify new hires meet Spectrum eligibility requirements.
  • Assist with on boarding of new companies and ensure they have all necessary items to complete installations.
  • Monitor and work with companies to maintain agreed upon headcount for each location.
  • Coordinate w/ the Dispatch quota team to shift contractors work areas to meet business needs.
  • Monitor projections to insure contractors are projecting the correct number of techs for each location.
  • Provide weekly headcount updates to TQA manager.
  • Coordinate mass installs at MDU complexes- upgrades on digital, HSO, Phone, Win-Backs, Back to School.
  • Provide training documents to contractors for new products and services offered by Spectrum, policy changes that relate to installation.
  • Process Per Diem billing.
  • Validate reporting.
  • Review/verify monthly chargebacks.
  • Review info on failed QC jobs w/ contractors.
  • Submit ticket requests in Net IQ for PID/VID for new techs.
  • Assigns tech # for new hires.
  • Off-boarding contractor employees – work w/ Contractor project manager to ensure the following:
  • ID badges are collected and returned to CMT Administrator for processing.
  • CMT Administrator process back charges for unreturned ID badges
  • Confirm that system keys are collected & vehicle magnets are collected and approve to be reissued to new hire replacement.
  • Confirm that all CPE is accounted for and tech buffers cleared.
  • Audits material management – on site inspections.
  • Conduct 3-4 inspections per location/contract company in their MA on a quarterly basis.
  • Communicates information on new procedures/products/materials.
  • As new products are introduced, share via email, conference call or live meeting.
  • On a daily basis after reviewing Days to Schedule report coordinates between contractor and quota management team on manpower needs, relocation, workload shortages.

Skills/Abilities and Knowledge
  • Advanced understanding of the TCP/IP stack and associated abstraction layers.
  • Advanced knowledge of network designs, network architectures, and network topologies.
  • Able to read/write/speak English language w/ employees/customers/suppliers in person,phone, and/or by written communications in a clear, professional manner.
  • Able to use the following hand tools: electric drills, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers.
  • Ability to walk over all types of terrain in all kinds of weather, while carrying tools and equipment, including gaffs, ladders, and fully loaded tool belts.
  • Basic knowledge using software tools to the current operations.
  • Knowledge in basic network devices and network appliances.
  • Ability to safely use weight-bearing equipment (gaffs, safety harness and ladders) within the max. weight limitations.
  • Able to accurately take measurement and apply to position tasks.
  • Able to carry, climb and operate extension ladder, (approx. 32 ft high and 90 pounds)& perform job from high places (i.e. poles and roofs).
  • Able to differentiate between different sizes and colors of wires with small components and wires to make cable connections in tight spaces by bending, reaching, twisting.
  • Able to walk over all types of terrain in all kinds of weather while carrying tools and equipment, including ladders, safety equipment and tool belts.
  • Able to work while standing 50 - 70% of the time.
  • Able to use personal computer and software applications including Microsoft Office.
  • Able to operate appropriate computer or test equipment associated with position (e.g. signal level meters, ohm meters, etc.)and handheld communication devices and applications, electric or battery operated hand tools such as drills, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.

Certifications and Licenses
  • Valid driver's license with satisfactory driving record within Company required standards
  • Associates degree in electronics or related field, or equivalent work experience
  • Industry and vendor specific certifications and training (NCTI, SCTE, BCT/E)

Related Work Experience
  • 5+ years of Field Tech experience preferred.
  • Experience in a technical environment preferred or equivalent work experience.
  • Experience in complex, structure cabling jobs that include interior/exterior installation of Cat5/Cat6 cabling, programming and installing routers, Internet gateway services, Layer2/3 Ethernet switches and wireless access points in commercial environments.

Skills/Abilities and Knowledge
  • Able to successfully manage face-to-face customer interactions and resolutions.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities.
  • Able to handle multiple projects and tasks, prioritize and organize effectively and motivate others.
  • Moderate knowledge of residential and commercial facility construction design/layout.
  • Basic knowledge of company products and services.

  • Work indoors in confined space, poorly ventilated areas such as attics during extreme heat or cold.
  • Exposure to dust/dirt/noise/insects/rodents/pets/cleaning solutions in commercial or factory type environments.
  • outdoors in all kinds of weather and at all times of the day or night.
  • performed near power lines and electricity.
  • Work performed at various heights above ground on telephone/power poles.
  • Work some out of town and overnight travel, occasional overtime/weekends as the business needs dictate.