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Bioinformatics Data Scientist - Machine Learning

BASF’s Bioscience division prides itself as a uniqueand innovative piece of the global BASF enterprise. With over 150 years ofhistory, BASF has proven to be a thought-leader and visionary moving forward tocreate chemistry for a sustainable future.

TheEnzymes team, located predominately in San Diego, has an environment andculture that puts employees first, allowing for personal flexibility and offersa benefits program that is robust and rewarding. Couple that with theorganizations reputation of continued global growth, and the full total rewardsas a BASF employee are hard to be matched.

Ourresearch focus is simply stated: We create chemistry for a sustainable future.As a global organization, our employees have a world of opportunity at theirfingertips- literally. The pillars of success for BASF Bioscience are asfollows:

· Connecting peopleand their passion for bioscience with a structured, engaged, and empowered teamwhile allowing for them to find the work life balance needed to connect withloved ones at home and outside of work priorities/activities. Find yourself inthe career you’ve dreamed of with the balance you require.

Engaging employeesto build a high-performance culture that will drive long-term success forthemselves and the company, with an open door to many business units andlocations around the world. We offer global development opportunities, as wellas, encourage relationship building across the organization.

· Caring aboutone another, our customers and stakeholders, and our communities and environment.As part of the BASF Bioscience team, it is our duty to ensure we are drivingthoughtful and meaningful innovations for the future. In fact, it stretchesbeyond our duty…it’s our passion.

· Puttinglifelong learning first by offering a wide range of careerdevelopment opportunities. This will not be like working at your typicalR&D or biotech company. We offer numerous training and development courses,tuition reimbursement, and endorsements for our employees to heighten theircareer aspirations.

Bioinformatics Data Scientist -Machine Learning (1805012) – San Diego, CA

Where the Chemistry Happens

We are seeking a talented professional like you to join ourR&D Data Science team and provide BASF-wide data solutions for multipleapplication areas with a focus on Enzyme product development. This comprisesbiotechnological sciences and biotechnology development from gene discovery toenzyme production via fermentation to formulations, that are all based on dataanalysis, data based modeling and optimization.

In this role, youwill be a self-starter who can solve problems creatively, communicateeffectively, and collaborate well with project leaders, team members, andcustomers. You will have the opportunityto work autonomously and as part of a team.

Formula for Success

  • Leveraging your background in mathematics, statistics or IT in combination with a strong interest in natural sciences, you will actively identify needs of researchers, translate these into R&D software specifications and develop solutions involving larger datasets and machine learning techniques using your strong programming skills using Python, R, Java, JS, C++.
  • Your robust scientific analyticalskills, experience in relational database design and experience with NoSQLdatabases (Hadoop, map-reduce and tool stacks) will be vital as you analyzebiological data including gene structure, DNA and protein sequences as well aseukaryotic, prokaryotic and metagenomic datasets to help guide laboratoryexperiments.
  • Your familiarity with differentanalytical areas of expertise in AI (e.g., machine/reinforcement learning,statistics, analytics) will be critical as you explore technical possibilitiesand create ideas together with internal non-AI-expert business partners. Your thorough understanding of bioinformaticsand genomics tools and databases will enable you to design and deploy solutionsusing Artificial Intelligence
  • Successfully engagingacross the organization, you will be responsible for projects in this field andclosely cooperate with R&D, Engineering and central functions.
  • Your strongcommunication skills will be a valued asset as you share ideas and solutions ofdata architecture and big data technology to a broad community of researcherscientists and developers and therefore, you will be acting as an enabler ininterdisciplinary project teams.
  • As a subject matterexpert and a leader, you will provide creativity and technical leadership.
  • Using your skills incollaboration and passion for innovation, you will establish and maintaincollaborations with academic research groups in that domain while evaluatingnew approaches and exploring new application opportunities.
Create Your Own Chemistry: What WeOffer YouAdding value to our customers beginswith adding value to you. You@BASF is the suite of benefits, perks, programsand unique opportunities we offer to support you—the whole you—in all stages ofyour life and career. With you@BASF, you create your own chemistry.

The total rewards that you receiveas a BASF employee go way beyond a paycheck. From competitive health andinsurance plans, to robust retirement benefits that include company-matchingcontributions, to making sure you never stop learning, we believe investing inyou is investing in our success. Working for a large, global organization,you’ll have a chance to grow professionally and personally, expand your networkand build a rewarding and dynamic career.

BASF provides interesting andchallenging learning and development opportunities to help you make the most ofyour talents and your job.

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