Research Specialist, Iselin

The incumbent in this position will support the pilot plant functions required by the R&D community that will help them achieve success in their respective program objectives. This will include scheduling and operating pilot scale equipment and conducting experiments for multiple and/or complex assignments. They are responsible for the training of R&D technicians on the proper use of equipment as well as maintaining the equipment to ensure it is operating properly and safely. The incumbent will provide strong mechanical and technical leadership to other technicians and support high level professionals. They will assist the supervisor in developing and updating procedures, collecting and recording data and providing monthly summaries for the activities of the pilot plant. Also, manage the day to day activities for mechanical integrity (MIP), preventive maintenance (PM) and 5S initiatives.

The incumbent is expected to operate under minimal daily direct supervision, responsibilities will include:

  • Inspects the pilot plant for safety/operational issues and ensures all work within the pilot plant is being conducted safely.
  • With involvement from pilot plant supervisor, schedules requested pilot processing in an efficient manner.
  • Monitors and tracks the daily use of pilot equipment
  • Operates pilot equipment and conducts pilot scale experiments for multiple and/or highly complex assignments.
  • Collects experimental process data, organizes the data into electronic form, and communicates the results to the pilot plant supervisor and/or R&D project leader. Maintains a well-organized record of the experiment conditions and equipment configuration.
  • Trains R&D technicians on the proper use of pilot plant equipment.
  • Maintains and repairs pilot equipment and instrumentation.
  • Enters and follows-up on facility related maintenance work orders.
  • Orders approved equipment parts and facility related equipment.
  • Provides strong technical and mechanical leadership to other technicians and to support high level professionals as assigned.
  • Liaise with other sites regarding use of their equipment for experiments, recommendations, and possible travel to other sites as needed.
  • Prepares monthly summary of pilot plant activities and equipment usage.
  • Assist in the development of new process procedures and methods.
  • Writes and revises operating procedures.

  • BS in Chemistry/Material Science/Chemical Engineering with no experience, OR Associates degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or related science with a minimum of 5 years’ experience working in a laboratory environment, OR a high school education with 8 years of laboratory experience.
  • Mechanical ability is critical to position (i.e. able to operate, repair, maintain, order, and troubleshoot pilot equipment)
  • Experience with pilot processing equipment is highly desired, including grinding, spray drying, stirred tank reactors, and calcining equipment.
  • Excellent working knowledge of laboratory testing and analysis techniques.
  • Must be highly proficient in Microsoft Excel and an aptitude for database programs.