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Director of Information Systems


Under the direction of the Dean of Finance and Administrative Services, this employee is responsible for the operations and administration of the Department of Information Systems.  The Director of Information Systems manages the department as well as provides oversight of all instructional technology campus wide.  The employee provides training and technical assistance to all faculty and staff in the use of computers and technology on campus.  The employee retrieves data in support of the reporting function of the college.  In addition, the employee maintains electronic mail, testing, and application servers for the campus. 



  1. Coordinate, direct, and plan all aspects of the Information Systems Department, including oversight of all instructional technology campus wide.
  2. Determine information system requirements, project priorities, and system capability.
  3. Develop and implement plans for campus technology infrastructure including hardware and software; develop plans and proper rotations for new computer purchases to ensure campus technology is current.
  4. Monitor and assess performance of mainframe system and network servers; ensure all are performing at optimum levels.
  5. Determine the priority of new equipment and software to be purchased; ensure resources are as evenly distributed as possible.
  6. Recommend computing policies to faculty, staff, and administration; based on input from stakeholders, approve final computing policies and procedures.
  7. Work to ensure the campus is maximizing its use of available technologies; develop a system of intra-departmental drives on the server for in-house use only.
  8. Pilot and develop a system of wireless internet connection for the campus and maintains, upgrade all internet connection as needed.
  9. Develop an email system for all employees (full and part-time) and students so email can be a form of official campus communication.
  10. Offer guidance on the technology purchases supporting federal programs.
  11. Provide expertise on the digitization of student records for efficient storage and retrieval.
  12. Develop budget for the entire computer technology component of the college; ensure budget is adequate for purchases as well as maintenance; ensure all hardware, software, and other technology expenditures are within the departmental budget.
  13. Receive requests regarding new products to be purchased; review products and make recommendations regarding the compatibility of products.
  14. Coordinate, monitor, and evaluate departmental staff activities and performance.
  15. Assist faculty and staff with personal computers and mainframe issues.
  16. Conduct individual and group training programs regarding technology issues for faculty and staff.
  17. Ensure computers are in place and in working order for registration.
  18. Deploy new network connections, including wireless; ensure they are functioning properly.
  19. Repair problems with mainframe and personal computer networks.
  20. Install security updates and virus software updates to ensure the security and integrity of the system; clean viruses from computers as needed.
  21. Install new computers and software throughout campus offices and departments.
  22. Ensure all student and network data is backed up on a regular schedule.
  23. Supply accurate data upon reasonable request from administration, faculty, and staff; ensure the data is formatted in a way which is compatible with the internal and external reporting requirements.
  24. Supply enrollment data to the Alabama Community College System each semester.
  25. Make data accessible to administration via an internal web page.
  26. Ensure the integrity and availability of internal electronic data.
  27. 27.    Adhere to all policies and procedures set forth by the College.
  28. Maintain confidentiality of identified sensitive information and of departmental information.
  29. 29.    Remain current in and enhance professional knowledge and skills through professional development and continuing education.
  30. 30.    Interact with and serve diverse student and employee populations in a courteous and friendly manner.
  31. 31.    Adhere to College standards of professionalism and confidentiality, including courteous and friendly interaction with other Trenholm State employees.
  32. 32.    Maintain appropriate work hours as outlined in State and College policies and assigned by supervisor or dean.
  33. Recruit potential students, both traditional and nontraditional, to the College, and assist in retention efforts.
  34. 34.    Represent the institution in a positive manner.
  35. 35.    Participate in advance registration, regular registration, and schedule adjustment as assigned.
  36. 36.    Serve on committees as assigned.
  37. 37.    Participate in graduation.
  38. 38.    Participate in the College’s planning process.
  39. Performs other duties as assigned by the Dean of Finance and Administrative Services.