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Computer Science Instructor


Duties and responsibilities will include the following essential functions:




  1. Planning, organizing, and effectively instructing courses during the day, evening, or on weekends on any Coastal Alabama campus as assigned.
  2. Keeping active at a high level of expertise in the subjects taught and stimulating enthusiasm for those subjects.
  3. Developing and teaching the traditional seated lecture courses, hybrid courses and Internet-based courses.
  4. Working with the division chair and other faculty to develop, evaluate and review curriculum to ensure maximum student competency.
  5. Being prompt and punctual in reporting for work, in meeting classes, and in keeping office hours.
  6. Ensuring that assigned classes are held as scheduled.
  7. Posting and maintaining office hours for student consultations.
  8. Serving as an academic advisor to students and demonstrating a genuine concern for each student through personal conferences and the full utilization of the Faculty Advisement System.
  9. Keeping students informed about their progress through the prompt grading of papers and other work.
  10. Recruiting students to develop and maintain the instructional program.
  11. Maintaining and reporting accurate daily class attendance and grade records.
  12. Preparing course material, objectives and syllabi.
  13. Filing an appropriate course syllabus or course outline with the appropriate instructional officer for each course taught.
  14. Organizing each course taught into an effective instrument of learning.
  15. Planning each unit or lesson, both as to content and method, to make each class minute meaningful.
  16. Maximizing the learning opportunities for each student.
  17. Studying and utilizing the characteristics of the students in each class in order to facilitate the best teaching and learning situations.
  18. Writing and documenting student attainment of learning outcomes.
  19. Holding the final exam at the time scheduled in the College's Class Schedule.
  20. Recommending textbooks and other instructional materials including classroom and laboratory equipment to the division chair. Related functions include participating in the College's library collection development by selecting, evaluating, and weeding library resources in each appropriate discipline.
  21. Submitting annual program budgets to the division chair and working closely with the appropriate division chair on the development of annual division budgets for approval by the appropriate instructional officer.
  22. Conducting class evaluations and completing other College evaluations in accordance with College policy.
  23. Striving for the qualities delineated in the criteria for faculty evaluation used by the College.
  24. Referring to counselors (including Student Support Services) reports on all students who are in need of counseling.
  25. Submitting required reports, keeping accurate class rolls, and submitting attendance verification as required to the appropriate administrative personnel.
  26. Attending and contributing to all faculty meetings, division meeting college assemblies, professional development and orientation activities, and other meetings as called by the President, appropriate instructional officer, or division chair.
  27. Making suggestions to the division chair, the Instructional Affairs Committee, and the appropriate instructional officer concerning the improvement of the curriculum in keeping with the objectives of the College.
  28. Becoming thoroughly familiar with all college policies and procedures and complying with all college policies and procedures.
  29. Serving on and providing information to divisional and institutional committees as assigned.
  30. Being actively involved in the co-curricular activities of the College.
  31. Reading and/or assisting in other capacities with Scholars bowl or other student activities.
  32. Attending Awards day, graduation, all registration activities, and college faculty and student functions.
  33. Organizing, maintaining and submitting purchase order requests for supplies and equipment to be used with the department curriculum as needed.
  34. Keeping informed of current trends and new approaches to instruction via professional development activities.
  35. As funds allow, attending workshops and meetings that contribute to professional development;
  36. Lifting, carrying, and moving heavy objects within safety limits.
  37. Assuming other professional duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by appropriate personnel.